Meet Our Team


Christine Wilson M.S., CCC-A, Audiologist and owner of Conejo Hearing Center, is passionate about people! Christine is committed to educating her patients and helping improve their quality of life through better hearing. By utilizing prevention, diagnosis and treatment, Christine helps children, adults and seniors to retain or recover their ability to communicate so they can lead full and productive lives.

Meet Our Team

Hearing Devices

Hearing aids come in a variety of designs and with a wide range of functions and features to address an individual’s specific needs. At Conejo Hearing Center, we carry all sizes and shapes of hearing aids, including custom in-the-ear hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids. With Christine’s experience and knowledge of hearing products we can guide you to an appropriate product for your specific hearing loss, budget and lifestyle needs.

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Try Before You Buy

If you have ever considered buying hearing aids, but weren’t really sure if they would work for you, let us fit you with a pair to try for a week, risk free, no charge, and definitely no commitment! We have competitive pricing, and the best most caring audiologists in the industry.

No need to pinch yourself or check your forehead – you aren’t dreaming and definitely don’t have a fever – this offer is absolutely positively for real!

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Hearing Protection

Hearing loss can be a direct result of hazards you face in daily life, including your occupation, recreational activities or simply exposure to loud sounds. At Conejo Hearing Center, we offer a variety of products for sound shielding and ear protection.

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Tinnitus Solutions

Conejo Hearing Center has partnered with Oticon to provide the best sound therapy solution available for those suffering with tinnitus. Learn more about their incredible breakthrough treatment by watching the video below.

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Conejo Hearing Center has changed my life!  Christine is an extraordinary professional, who is warm, patient, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable.  The dramatic improvement in my hearing has been truly life-changing!  I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone who is hard-of-hearing and looking for the best possible hearing improvement from a warm, friendly, caring office.  
I was one of those persons who suffered from a hearing loss and was reluctant to do anything about it. My friends encouraged me to purchase hearing aids.  Finally I visited Conejo Hearing Center.  I was impressed with the care I was given by the professional and knowledgeable Christine.
Tailor made service.  I recommend Conejo Hearing Center without reservation. I'm always greeted by name! I like that!
They are very punctual for appointments. Although they have tested me at no charge they applied no pressure to buy a hearing aid. They are always very responsive and kind.
The lovely office is a pleasure to visit and their staff are warm and welcoming and very professional as well. Christine is very knowledgeable as an audiologist and is always very adept at adjusting my hearing aids. You always leave extremely satisfied.
I couldn't be more satisfied with Conejo Hearing Center. They have consistently provided in-depth knowledge and on-going support.