A Fun Read & A Testimonial All In One

We just love our customers and Joe R. is another reason we just can’t get enough of those that choose to walk through our door.  Take a few minutes to read his entertaining take on his first visit with us.

From Joe R Mr. Happy Ears ;

This time last year I made a commitment to myself and my wife. I decided to get a hearing test and find out if I really needed a hearing aid.


In March of 2012, the 1-800 TRUST ME EAR adds comes up on my TV, I call and make an appointment for 3pm. As usual, I arrive five minutes early, and happy to see no other customers. Mr. Trust Me Ear will be right with me. However, within two minutes, a customer, and two of her friends walked in late for their 2pm appointment. I am told Mr. Trust Me Ear will be right with me after he takes care of them. After a 25 minute delay, Mr. Trust Me Ear gives me a FREE EAR Test, verifiers I have a hearing problem and offers me a one product, one cost solution. Very expensive. I say I will get back with you.


As an old guy, I am not very computer savvy, however I am determined to solve my hearing problem. So I go online and look up hearing aid companies.


Conejo Hearing Center has a large selection of hearing aid products. I call and once again make a 3pm appointment. I arrive 5 minutes early, Miss Conejo Hearing Aid will be right with me. At just about 3pm a door opens and I can hear a lady saying that I have a 3 pm appointment. I am already impressed.


I get another free hearing test. This time in a real sound proof room.  Again I am told I have a hearing problem. However , Christine (Miss Conejo Hearing) points out that mostly I can’t make out what my wife, children (and grandchildren), and the Bingo caller are saying and she is exactly right. Christine also informs me of her customer satisfaction and warranty plans. Christine also shows me her recommended hearing aid. Comparable to the other model at a much lower price.


Of course, after 40 some years of marriage, my wife and I talked about my options and the new found trust in Conejo Hearing Center. Both of us had questions to be answered and we could not believe Conejo Hearing Center’s great, no obligation trial offer.


I made one more appointment with Conejo Hearing Center. Christine not only answered all my questions clearly, she once again offered her free 60 day, no obligation, hearing aid trial. How could I refuse? 60 days are long past and I no longer have to ask my wife and grandchildren too repeat everything.


This is the Season to thank GOD, Santa and Conejo Hearing Center for all our blessings.