Can We Prevent Hearing Loss?

Many people ask if there is something they can do to prevent hearing loss.  Our genes play a major role in how early and how quickly we lose our hearing, but noise is the number one contributor to a declinfree-hearing-test-vaughane in hearing.  Listening to sounds that are too long and too loud can damage our ears. These excessively loud environments can include rock concerts, music at the gym, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, firecrackers, motorcycles, gun ranges, car radios and the use of headphones and earbuds.  Experts suggest a 60/60 rule when using our personal listening devices.  This means limiting the volume to 60% of the full range and listening time to 60 minutes per session.  Limiting our time exposed to noise and using ear protection when we are exposed to sounds over 85db intensity levels is practicing good hearing loss prevention.  Ask us about custom ear molds that are made to fit your own ears.  They come in a variety of styles and colors and are very easy to use.  They are also great for swimming and anyone who has chronic ear infections.

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