New Patients

For many patients, dealing with hearing loss is very personal and can be an emotional process. Finding the ideal hearing solution or prevention method is a collaborative process between the audiologist and the patient & their family.

Our job is to help people keep or improve their hearing, not just to sell them a product. Through working with Conejo Hearing Center, patients understand their hearing loss and their options. Our patients enjoy a comfortable environment, with the highest level of customer service, integrity, caring and concern.


Our Process:


1. Hearing Evaluation

When you come in for this 60 minute evaluation, we utilize brand new, state of the art testing equipment to identify your hearing issues. After taking a health history, we will work to understand how your hearing loss has affected your lifestyle. We will then use an audiogram (a hearing test which emits a wide range of frequencies) to determine your specific hearing deficiency. Don’t worry – the audiogram test is non-invasive and will not hurt.After we understand your specific hearing needs, we will discuss the results with you, taking time to answer every question you have. Then we will explore together the options you have to improve your hearing. We will consider your budget, lifestyle, any physical impairments (the most common are vision and dexterity), and your cosmetic desires, and then provide you with a recommendation and demonstration of our amplification devices (hearing aids).


2. Hearing Aid Fitting

The hearing aid fitting will take about 60 minutes. We will first set up and program your hearing aids to work according to your individual hearing test results. We will teach you how to clean and care for your hearing aids, teach you how to operate your devices, and discuss proper hearing aid maintenance. Finally, we will discuss reasonable expectations of your new life with improved hearing and set goals. You will walk out of this appointment armed with all of the tools and knowledge you will need to use, operate, and care for your new hearing aids.


3. Follow-Up Evaluation

The 30 minute follow-up evaluation is usually 1 week after the hearing aid fitting. At this appointment, we evaluate the performance of your new hearing aids; we confirm that your hearing aids are properly fitted, are functioning accurately & meeting realistic expectations, and make any adjustments necessary. Continued follow-up appointments are scheduled to closely monitor your progress, make adjustments, and ensure a successful outcome.


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