Sticker Shock: Why are hearing devices so expensive?

Starkey_Wireless-CIC-ITC-ITE-RIC312-RIC13_cmykThis is an ongoing question and concern that is laced with a plethora of confusing information and misleading links to various types of technology.  Some clarification is greatly needed, as this tends to deter people who are in dire need of hearing devices.

First of all, hearing devices that we provide here at Conejo Hearing Center are not just amplification.  These are medical devices that are programmed specifically for the individual.  Everyone has a “thumbprint” of their hearing and through the medical diagnostic testing, we can pinpoint exactly what your thumbprint is.

Secondly, each device is backed by the ongoing service and support we provide our patients; office visits, programming, batteries and other supplies, clean and checks, repairs, and the manufacturer warranties that come with the devices. Our office is staffed with knowledgeable people who take care of your hearing needs as you step into your journey of experiencing these devices.